Hello Fans, well I finally got another Pocky Munchers comic done! WOO! It's not really humor oriented as much as it is more just updating-ness and change. I mean, i tried to throw in at least a little bit of humor. Anyway, have a good week guys, i hope to see you in the forums sometime! OH and update on the Wall Chicken preview, unfortunately Comic Genesis doesnt allow flash on the main page so i'm going to have to find a way to link the wall chicken cartoons to the flash object. but for now the Trailer for it is in the gallery somewhere, you'll find it. IMOUT! LATER!


Hey guys its me Brian! So I've finally updated the website with the new look, i hope you all like it. If you haven't read the forums or anything recently I've decided to can VS. I know, u barely got to see what it even was. But too bad :P I'm replacing it with an experimental flash cartoon Mike and myself are creating called "Wall Chicken" so I hope it goes well. And until I get an actual comic up, i'm going to just give you the preview. ENJOY!